Application Format

The following information outlines the fourteen (14) questions on the application form for entry into the Draper Data Science Business Plan Competition.

Applicants are able to go back and forth between questions and can also save/complete the form at a later date. However, all questions must be answered.

Please review the eligibility criteria before applying.

Section 1: Team biographical information

  • Questions 1 - 7: Information about the student team members. You will be required to provide the following: full names, email addresses, education level, race, gender identity, university/college, city, and state.
  • Question 8: Information about the student team's faculty advisor/mentor. The requested information is full name, title, email, and phone number.

Section 2: Business venture proposal

  • Question 9: Provide name of business venture.
  • Question 10: Identify sector/industry of business venture.
  • Question 11: Upload as a single PDF file the business venture proposal that includes:
    • A. A description of the business venture and product/service/concept. This question has a maximum limit of 50 words.
    • B. The application of data science tools/techniques in solving the business challenge through:
      • Developing a new tool or technique to solve a business challenge, OR
      • Developing a novel modification of an existing tool or technique to solve a business challenge, OR,
      • Applying an existing tool or technique to solve a novel business challenge.  This question has a maximum limit of 200 words.
    • C. The competitive advantage created using data science tools/techniques. This question has a maximum limit of 100 words.

Section 3: Business plan and pitch video

  • Question 12:  U pload, as a single PDF file, your business plan using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) template . The BMC is a tool that entrepreneurs use to track their progression from unproven concepts to viable ventures. This document also lays the foundation for the executive summary finalists will be required to submit prior to finals.  
  • Question 13:  Provide the link to the 90-second pitch. A short guide is included on the application form .
  • Question 14:   Certify that all team members are either students and/or recent graduates as of December 31, 2022. Verification of enrollment for ALL team members will be required.