Lost and Found

All lost or abandoned property - personal property found on UTSA premises - must be taken to the Front Desk in Suite 210 on the second floor or to the UTSA Police Department immediately. Specific items exempt from this policy may include clothing, food and drink containers or soiled items, which could present a sanitation risk.  

All items turned into the Front Desk are kept in the lost and found drawer for one week, with the exception of valuable items and USB drives that will be handed over to the UTSA Police Department at the earliest available time. All lost and found property turned over to the UTSA Police Lost & Found section is stored for 60 days. After 60 days, the lost and found property is transferred to the Surplus Property Department for further disposition. 

Please call (210) 458-6247 or send an email to LostAndFound@utsa.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Mail Services

University Mail Services is responsible for circulating mail to all on-campus departments and departments located off-campus. 

Mail and packages will be managed by Central Receiving, with the primary central receiving location at the Downtown Campus. All packages must be addressed to 501 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., San Antonio, TX  78207. Small packages will be delivered to the Downtown Campus Central Receiving first and will be distributed to SPI Smart Lockers located in room 130. Upon arrival, an email with a QR code for the locker will be sent to the recipient’s department which will be responsible for notifying individuals of pick-up instructions. Packages not claimed within 72 hours will be removed and returned to mail services, after which recipients will be responsible for scheduling pick-up. For large packages, Central Receiving will send out an email with the date for delivery directly to individuals. 

Contact Info: central.receivingwarehouse@utsa.edu 

Posting on Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards located in corridors on each floor are for the promotion of upcoming events, meeting times and dates, MARCOM materials, or research and studies announcements. 

Flyers can only be posted in General Posting areas (bulletin boards on every floor). Any flyers placed in an area not for general posting will be removed and trashed/recycled. 

All materials are approved for a posting period not to exceed 4 weeks. Materials promoting an event or activity must be removed by the sponsoring individual/organization within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event or activity. If a flyer is expired or not approved by the SDS Communications and Facilities department, it will be removed by the SDS staff and will be recycled. 

Signs regarding official School of Data Science events will be given priority in regard to placement, etc. 

Security and Access Requests

Access to UTSA buildings, offices and other facilities is strictly controlled to ensure that only authorized UTSA affiliates are issued keys and/or electronic access credentials that allow access to facilities. 

Facility access will be granted only upon the authorization of the appropriate authorized requestor (Facilities Coordinator). The Department of Public Safety Security Services is responsible for the issuance of keys, programming of UTSA card access, and associated records. 

Contact Info: Security.Services@utsa.edu (210) 458-6855