School of Data Science

The UTSA School of Data Science was established in 2018 and integrates education and research.  It is the cornerstone of UTSA's 10-year plan to develop its Downtown Campus as a destination for (1) producing highly skilled professionals and researchers in data science and analytics and (2) advancing economic development, personal prosperity, and social mobility in an urban core.

UTSA strives to be a model of student success, a great research university, and an exemplar for strategic growth and innovative excellence.  The School of Data Science embraces the core values of our university - integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration, and innovation - in our commitment to data science research and education.


To inspire and prepare a generation of diverse data scientists who can make our world more equitable, informed, and secure.


In hand with the UTSA colleges, to educate data science practitioners and scholars at the graduate and postgraduate levels and provide experiential learning at all levels. Lead interdisciplinary data-intensive research that calls for focused data science beyond a single college.


Data science research and education that is:

  • F air - accessible, interoperable, reusable
  • O pen
  • C onvergence-driven
  • U se-inspired
  • S ecurity-minded


Core Faculty


Undergraduate Degree Programs


Graduate Degree Programs


Certificate Programs