UTSA Draper Data Science Business Plan Competition

Friday, April 21, 2023

This competition is designed for student entrepreneurs to advance business ventures that use data science to create value with the potential to change the world in which we live and work.

Be Part of the Data Economy and Help Transform the World

The competition considers data science broadly as a field of inquiry and application encompassing computing, mathematical, or statistical methods and technologies in synergy with domain expertise and big data sets to solve unmet problems.


Additionally, this competition gives university students an exceptional opportunity to develop marketable skills that complement their classroom knowledge. The competition supports students committed to tackling global challenges while deepening their own learning and broadening their professional skills, including leadership, teamwork, and communication.

The Draper Competition focuses on data science 



Teams representing the student-founded-and-managed business ventures that participate in the Draper Competition have the opportunity to win up to $75,000 in cash investments in their ventures while receiving expert guidance from mentors and judges.

1st Place - $30,000

2nd Place - $20,000

3rd Place - $10,000

Honorable Mention - $5,000

Fan Favorite/Best in Show - $5,000

Five small cash prizes of $1,000 may be awarded to other teams.

“Data science will drive the greatest transformations of the next few decades. Business plan competitions tend to encourage and attract those people who are going to make those transformations. Melissa and I have found these competitions to be a magnet for progress and change.”